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A Bitter Sestina
It's been a while since I read
a good story, not one used
to teach some backwards concept, under
the command of some near-dead
stick, inflated with old belief.
I don't think it's right.
Don't we as students have the right
to consume our own world, and read
what we deem important? My belief,
not a personal mantra used
to discredit yours, is some dead
men don't need to be dug up. Under
a heavy blanket of history, my under-
standing gets lost between a write-
er's words and his intentions. Maybe it's dead
language that trips me, or an avid read-
er's constant deja vu, but tasting used
thoughts bubbling from the belief
of a grave man, a belief
buried even before he himself was under
ground, makes me feel used.
Sure, we each have a moral right
to speak, feel, write, and read
what we wish, but when you're dead
it's hard to argue. When I am dead
and gone, I don't expect my belief
to outlive me, nor my words be read
by anyone who doesn't wish to under-
stand them. Words are not a objective rit
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 2 2
Leap Day, version 2
        - Genesee County 911.
        - I have a student at Buell School that has been downed.  I need an ambulance immediately!

                                ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
        On Leap Day, February 29, 2000, Alicia Judd wakes up to the sound of her neighbors yelling.  She can't make out what they're saying, but she can discern five separate voices through her paper-thin walls, and by their muffled tones they sound on the brink of throwing things.  Alicia grabs her plastic clock, the numbers spilling a red aura over her face and blanket, and turns off the alarm.
        Alicia rolls towards the window, the ancient mattress co
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 0 0
The Shoe-box, version 2
        When my grandfather passed away, I was asked to speak at his funeral.  
        "You were the only family he had left," people insisted, lightly squeezing my arm as a gesture of sympathy.  But the truth was he was the only family I had left as well.  With him gone, there was nothing left for me but my empty apartment.
        I went to his house the night after he passed, like I had so many nights before, only his gruff voice wasn't there to greet me.  I opened the front door and stepped into the cozy living room, eyeing the worn blue chair he spent most of his time in, now empty, and walked over to sit down next to it.  On an old table at the chairs right arm sat a shoe-box, it's corners wrinkled from years of my grandfather's handling.
        I was eight years old when
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 1 3
Leap Day
        - Genesee County 911.
        - I have (gasp) a student at Buell School (gasp) that has been downed.  I need an ambulance immediately!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
        Alicia Judd wakes up on leap day, the 29th of February, to the sound of her neighbors yelling.  She can't understand what they are saying but she can make out four or five distinct voices getting louder, their sharp inflections pouring through her paper-thin walls.  She rolls over towards the single bedroom window, the ancient mattress moaning under her shifting position, and pulls the stained shade open.
        Outside, the broken glass in her tall grass gleans in the early sunrise.  A rusted-out Chevy rolls over the cracked pavement, the axles creaking and the muffler coughing the length of the street.  
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 1 5
(don't follow me) she said
and i dragged along her coattails
with my nose in the dirt,
breathing in her musky pheromones
like angel dust.
(trust in us) she cooed
and my blisters popped
thick pus into my battle scars,
my feet bruised, head down
like a servant.
(i love you) she offered
and jumped on a sinking ship
towards Eden, hungry
for an apple, thirsty
for a snake.
(what happened) she asked
six-thousand-miles below,
and me, i scratch at mirrors
and reach for the scars
on my pale face.
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 1 7
Notepad Haikus - About a Girl
She sends me on waves,
Like the warm, sweet Atlantic,
Of unmatched delight.
I thought I knew the
Sun, and how to avoid clouds.
Today, the world, it shines.
One breath from her lips,
The last thing I wish to feel
Before the skies fall.
One hundred thousand,
More, it will take to hold me
Back from kissing her.
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 1 6
Mature content
Like Father, Like Son :iconmr-youse:mr-youse 1 7
She breathes through her nose
The thin, lilting wisps of smoke
The dragon exhales.
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 4 7
you do not do, you do not do
anymore, Sylvia,
your thumb stump a lid stamp,
redcoats feeding flowers
(chrysanthemums, every one)
a Lady of the Earth,
box in a green field,
fair skin and farewell
to that jar, that bell
who ate up all your air
and pushed you head-first
into an oven. Is this
how you depart? singed
hair and hospital wards,
not enough for your thick words.
to die a third time, like a Jew,
are there marks of the boot-heel?
was it a poem, like everything else,
or were we not enough for you?
Oh Sylvia, Ach du.
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 0 6
The Shoe-box
        After my grandfather died, I took his most prized possession - the last fragment of family I had left - and planted it in the garden outside my apartment building.  It was an old brown shoe-box, corners wrinkled from years of fighting gravity, fingerprints eroded into the weak cardboard from endless hours of his cradling.  It was the trophy that sat proudly in the center of his fireplace mantle.  
        Once, when I was eight years old, I asked him about it.
        "Grandpa," I said, "what's in that old box?"
        A sly grin crawled across his old face, and he lifted the shoe-box off the mantle and sat it on his lap.  "Well, now, in this box I keep the seeds of the world's most beautiful things."  He said this, stroking the lid gingerly, and winked at me.
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 2 5
Death of a Flame
When life begins, a single spark
Jumps out to kiss a piece of bark
And steadily, there comes a light
That splits the shadows from the dark.
The timbers wince at cinders' flight;
A new disruption of the night.
And as it's stretched beyond its means,
The monster drives into the dreams
Of Man.  This creature must be saved
Despite the death of luscious greens.
And with this thought, the crackling craved
The care of Human Man enslaved.
But though he once stood strong and bold,
Even the devil's child gets old
And as the ash o'ertakes the brush,
The passionate heat succumbs to cold.
The fire's mortal life is such
Like that which only God can touch.
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 3 2
Love is human's felony
(The purpose of our woes),
A sweet macabre melody
A tainted God imposed
Created as a punishment
For sinners long deceased,
Or maybe 'twas a horrid curse
That Pandora released.
It serves no greater purpose but
To haunt us night and day
It renders us unconscious and
It carries us away.
A wiser man once told me that
The menace knows no time;
But when I leave my earthly lot,
I hope Love stays behind.
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 3 2
It Has Come to My Attention
It has come to my attention
(As your conscious judge
and moral creator,)
That the creature dressed in
Black and Blue
Has been labeled
                       Yes, incompetent,
(that's the word they use)
For he cannot catch,
                                 He cannot catch a ball.
He's scared to exit swings mid-air
(And last year, when we stubbed his toe,
He screamed and cried,
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 1 2
Mature content
Chapter 7 :iconmr-youse:mr-youse 0 0
A dawn is a blue stick figure,
a rock dropped sharply thus,
sharply here.  
A dawn is an ear and plenty,
plenty, this is the up,
up a root run.
:iconmr-youse:mr-youse 2 0
devID by mr-youse devID :iconmr-youse:mr-youse 0 16


we're better off pretending
this is me telling
you that we'd be great if "we"
didn't include "me"
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 117 57
Shy. by Jack070 Shy. :iconjack070:Jack070 366 97
Dreams are shattered
Never to come true.
All our hopes
Have left with you.
The sun has set
The day is gone
And it seems impossible
To carry on.
But even though it seems,
Like nothing is right.
And day has permanently
Changed to night.
We know that you’re with us
And you’ll never leave.
You’re here when we cry
And you’re here when we grieve.
You blessed us with a family
Who are always here.
To help one another
When nothing seems clear.
You left us your memory,
So clear and so good.
To cheer us all up,
When nothing else could.
This isn’t goodbye,
This is only the start
And until we’re united,
You’ll be in our hearts.
:iconperfectly-indelible:Perfectly-Indelible 4 4
spongebob son of leonard cohen
well shake it up baby-
twist and shout;
but don't tell your gal
     when you're on your way out-
'cuz that's what I'm talkin'bout.
victim of salsa:
your gambit eyes.
blues in the morning sun,
and the grade school kids singin,
       "all is one,
                       all is one."
the TV flashes and the
       poetry's recited-
but my mind's way down low,
at the jukebox and down the line
of some foggy Frisco morning-
or some Georgia scented night.
:iconthepeanutvendor:thePeanutVendor 1 9
angry, young and poor by stacheLhaut angry, young and poor :iconstachelhaut:stacheLhaut 1,991 269
the cocooning of pangea
tell me about continents and oceans
and i'll tell you about highways
and planes.
            continents -
            fall apart
            you say,
            oceans -
            destroy them
and i say:
but look,
that isn't an ending,
that's just
            pangea was
            it didn't
            need to change.
and i say:
we all need to change,
even beauty must adapt.
and i say:
i adapted,
pangea adapted,
why can't
:iconetre-aime:etre-aime 391 215
mosh by sean-tron mosh :iconsean-tron:sean-tron 8,690 1,153 lost cause by micmojo lost cause :iconmicmojo:micmojo 2,342 180
Doctor Doctor
Doctor Doctor
please come quickly
make me better
fix me neatly
make me pretty
make me sweet
stop this hunger
so overwhelming
Doctor Doctor
can you diagnose me
with this stranger's cancer
or this stranger's needs?
Can you give me a stone
marked bare another name
because every item I upturn
has shown face up the same
how strange is this transparancy
that bears us all in its circumference
this number, this equation,
doctor fix me now these expectations
I'm emergency emergent, but
no one's taken away the scars
the stitches burn from overuse
and the scapel digs too far.
Transplant me, trade my heart,
but for it were not a traitor, a friend's,
Doctor, Doctor, were I barren
but conceived of dirt and ash and stone
closing lids against my vision
closing stars upon the road
wherefore, why am I
what did you transduce in my bones
why do these hearts all feel the same
sails of sorrow so blatantly shown,
had I but Vision for my name,
I would not feel so alone.
:icony0urstalker:y0urstalker 7 16
These Magnetic Stars
All abundant in your wheezing breath
on a tumultuous blundering walk of an idea
bright and sinking desperately in the light;
the matte colored stars clinging to the stage
like shadows of a fire on a desert night.
So I will admit to a swaying of the lodestone
of my heart, towards the magnet of your voice
that the stars could never quite match in their
tender clamor closer to the moon than I
could find heart to serenade; hysterically pale.
When the lights fade to a lingering dim,
in the dark; and stands still to our collective hush
all the while praying and composing a poetry
is the ambiguous dexterity invented unsatisfactorily,
meeting and parting on the watery expanse between.
And I'd hoped I'd notice the green flush behind
you or your eyes; is a dream to sink in, sunken
from the greatest minds that sung you into the jazz
from the rap, gratifying the soul in one locked heat flash
between two deserts full of sky, overbearingly bright
it was overbearingly bright.
:icony0urstalker:y0urstalker 5 11
People Die
People Die
In Skowhegan people die.
In Brooklyn people die.
In Altoona and Galesburg and Osawatomie,
in Seminole and Shamrock,
in Santa Rosa, and Snowflake, and Overton,
and Portersville, and Fresno people die.
They just drop off of census lists
and fall out of phone books
forever. Written into diaries and out of wills
their lives evaporate into the sky
and are inhaled by children
playing tag in a neighbor’s driveway.
It was in Pico Rivera that you happened to die
Jason, just this past weekend in fact,
while I vacationed in Ventura
and soldiers scrambled for peace
through Kuwaiti sands
and Good Morning Vietnam finally made its debut
on network TV.
Dearest grandpa, great aunt, grammar school pal,
brother, daddy, girlfriend I lost,
bud: you were none of these to me Jason
and still I’m tumbling into my liquor-store Leathe,
hoping its sharp and watery wet is spirited
by agents of forgetfulness
:iconb1gfan:b1gfan 274 317
Eugenics by Jaime-kendrick Eugenics :iconjaime-kendrick:Jaime-kendrick 12 52
Daily Literature Deviations - Apri 27th, 2009
Daily Lit Deviations for April 27th, 2009
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do what you will
United States
My Prayer

God make me the poet of simplicity,
Force,and clearness. Help me to live
Ever up to ever higher standards. Teach me to lay
A strong,simple,big-rocked wall
Firmly,the first of all,
And to fill in the fissures with the finer stones and clay
Of alliteration,simile,metaphor. Give
Power to point out error in sorrow and in felicity.
Make me a truthful poet,ever true to the voice of my
Groping about in the blackest night
For ever clearer,dearer light,
Sturdily standing firm and undismayed on a Pillar of
Working with heart,and soul,and a willing might,
Writing my highest Ideal large in whatsoever I write,
Truthfully,loftily,chivalrously,and cheerfully ever,

-e. e. cummings

Current Residence: dorm room, america
Favourite style of art: anything where people try something new
Operating System: linux
Favourite cartoon character: strong bad
  • Listening to: keys clicking
  • Reading: none
  • Watching: none
  • Playing: none
  • Eating: none
  • Drinking: smoooooothie
hope everyone is doing well.

i'm graduating in a few months. gonna be kicked out into the real world. it's just starting to set in now, since i spent the better part of yesterday and today hacking my resume down from two-and-a-half pages to one. am i employable? i guess we'll see

in a free-verse and form poetry class now. don't really like the teacher, which is a shame. however, got the chance to write a sestina, and it turned out pretty good, which was nice. so, i'm gonna post it along with the recommendation to try it out, you learn a lot about how words and sentences can fit together.

shameless self-promotion: my friends and i have a game where they give me a topic (undoubtedly highly inappropriate) and i think of a haiku about it on the spot. it's pretty enjoyable, so i made it into a twitter page, check it out if you feel motivated. DISCLAIMER: not for the faint of heart!



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